Midden Drenthe Show 2018
After more than 3 years of breeding for the Sussex White Pearl Gray Columbia and the Sussex White Blue Columbia,
the animals are now ready to show the animals to the public for the first time.

  The preparation

We start with the preparations for the show. We make extra space, in case animals need to be separated. The first to act were the Sussex Coronation Blue Based birds.
I had no intention of washing the Sussex Coronation Lavender based birds, but since they had already started taking a sand bath themselves 3 days before the show, I had no choice but to wash these birds too.
The birds are get a bath and get a whole beauty day, which consists of washing, rinsing, rolled up in a towel for 30 to 50 minutes, they get snacks in between and finally, dry blowdrying, this cost a quite some time. worry. After all of this, the birds go back into an clean coop and wait for the show to start. This gives the birds time to rearrange their feathers properly.

 The 1st day ...

Just before the birds go to the show, the legs, comb and wattles are lubricated with oil, so that they look perfect. Once on location, it was time to unload the birds and find the space where they have stand. Fortunately, this was all neatly arranged.

Because the Sussex Coronation Blue Based birds went for color recog-nition, they first had to stand separately in cages to make these birds better could be viewed by the poultry judge.
The Sussex Coronation Lavender were on show for promotion and the Sussex Association was urged, mendatory to view and judge both colors in Beilen.
On Thursday evening, October 25th the Midden Drenthe Show started, this was an open judging, which the breeder could attend. The evening passed quickly

 The 2nd day ...

First take care of the animals at home and then on the way to Beilen, which is a 45 minute drive from here. There had to be some photo prints to hang on the aviaries, so that it gave a nice impression.
When I arrived at the birds aviary, someone immediately asked some questions, it went on like this all day long. There have been many positive conversations, also by social media from the Netherlands and abroad. The winners were announced on Friday evening and the show officially opened to the public.

This day was the longest day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Most of what I have heard, they are beautiful birds with beautiful clean white feathers.
There was not much sleep by many people last night, because a catalog still had to be made, but it was neat and time ready.

  The 3rd day ...

Of course this morning also takes care of the birds here at home and then back to Beilen.
These are busy days! In the meantime, fresh sandwiches were bought and my bag prepared.
When I arrived at the show, there were already many cars in the parking lot. After coffee, go and have a look at the animals. Of course they had some goodies, their favorite snack a piece of banana.
Everything went well. There have been a number of meetings with people I got to know through face-book. Was a lot of fun to see who you talked to online! At 4:00 PM it was time to take the birds out from cages to go back home.
I stayed a for awhile to help clean up the show stuff. After dinner, only the hard and heavy stuff work had to be done, so I left that over for the men
I was home at 8:45 PM, after a cup of coffee it did put the birds back in their coops and we will be clean up the rest tomorrow.
All in all, the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based received a positive result to advance to go at the North Show 2019 and the Sussex Coronation Blue Based have their recognition through an Shortened procedure.