Sussex Coronation
White Lavender Columbia
The REAL story behind the creation of the Sussex Lavender Based Coronation.

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its travel to the US
its travel to the Netherlands
an "interview" with its creator
and more

When I fall in love on the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based and all was going finally ok, I would love to know who had started this Lavender color. As I remember, I had look around years ago, but was not able to find alot information, that I would like to have.
I had asked a good friend of me in Australia, that I've met, when I started to get the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based.
After a couple days, Mandy had the right name for me with a Phone number.
In the meantime I had already send e-mails out to Kerry from the Sussex Association Australia and also there people were willing to help me to get me the information about the breeder that started with this wonderful Lavender color.
So I got a name, adress, Phone number, but NO e-mail address. I get contact with all kind of  people in Australia. There was finally a start. Even I did call the Magazine Publisher in Australia. She (Megg) was able to tell me about this variety and more.

My Facebook chats were going, there is a good friend of Mr Evans, he was contacted by Sussex Association Australia, if he (Marc) was able to contact me and he did. 
We started the chat and I send him some pictures of my Coronation Sussex Lavender Based. Sure I ask him alot of queations about the breeder.
I did make a list what I would like to know how Mr Evans Started with the Lavender color. Marc had asked Mr Evans if it was ok that I would give him a call.
At October 23th 2018 we did talk to each other for 90 min, it was a very pleasant contact. Later the information was coming in by Facebook. Pictures, the story, the Standard of the Sussex and more.
I even try to get a copy of the Magazine but the article was to old to get all digital. All had to worked out and make it ready for on my website.

Mr. Evans did give me  permission to publish this, wich is great. A lot of people didn't knew the complete story but this will make it clear to everybody.

I told Mr Evans that my Coronation Sussex Lavender Based and Coronation Sussex Blue Based  were going to the First show in Beilen the Netherlands, Mr Evans was very happy to hear that a big part of his work on the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based was continued
I want to thank all people behind screens that had worked with me to get the REAL STORY about the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based.
I think it is very nice to know and to save this story for more years !!
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