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Treatment standard

Handy tool for self-doers

When treating a chicken, often two people are needed, one to hold the chicken and another to carry out the treatment.
It is a home and hobby made product!

With this treatment standard, it is easy to do this on your own without the help of others!
It is multifunctional and you can perform various actions on it, such as cutting nails, liming feet, treating a bumblefoot, removing spores, cleaning the ears, stitching a wound (if necessary), force feeding, and much more !

Not every animal is the same. This solid treatment standard is therefore made lengthwise.
It is adjustable in width and the straps keep the chicken in place, making it suitable not only for bantams and fowl, but also suitable for other winged friends, such as ducks or geese. etc.

The animals lie comfortably and quietly so that it is faster for both the chicken and the operator.
The animals do not experience stress.
The handy thing is that this treatment stand can be folded narrow and flat and then takes up little space!

For chicken, duck and breeders enthusiasts, this treatment standard is a great help in checking or treating animals at a time that suits you.
It's great that you no longer need help from others to hold an animal and carry out a small treatment yourself!

No more stress for the animals to perform a small treatment at home or after a visit to the vet, check yourself if everything goes well after the treatments of the animal.
Or a small (after) treatment can now be done yourself at home without the help of a second person.

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  • The treatment standard is not a commercial product and is not offered through retailers or elsewhere.

  • I make them based on request and not in advance, so there is no stock.

  • All the wood materials used are FSC certified.

  • The straps are of good quality genuine leather and therefore last a long time.

  • The straps are available in different colors of leather, if present. So they are 100% "Home & Hand made".

  • They are foldable, so they don't get in the way.

  • The standard has a number of "clever things" that make it easier to use.

  • Due to the variable width, it can also be used for bantams or large chicks, even very large Sussex, Jersey Giant, Brahmas, but also Silkies.

  • I have also seen examples where the standard came in handy in rabbits.

Pricing and Shipping

The price for the treatment standard is € 67.50 and is almost at cost price. Wood has become expensive.

You will receive the treatment standard completely ready for use, so including a nice new towel. (as in the pictures)


The packaging & shipping costs vary per country and is now also an expensive hobby:


  • NL is € 10.00

  • B, D, is € 20.00

  • FR is € 24.50

  • Other countries on request

  • You can choose at checkout


I ship with DHL or PostNL to keep costs low, you can choose.

Of course with a "track & Trace" code.


Pick up is also possible, but please after consultation and assignment..