Recognition Soap
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Recognition Soap

We are 3 months further on.
oday again sent a letter to the KLN and supporters.
In vain I have filed a number of complaints about the state of affairs regarding the color recognition of my Sussex White Pearl Gray Columbia drawn animals.

My correspondence on dates, read the entire "Soap" here ...

The first automatic "Have Read" confirmations are received,
Now wundering , who wil or even respond this time....

** UPDATE **
The secretariat has responded, something will be discussed on Tuesday, so I can hear something by Friday at the latest.

But yes, this kind of response has also been had before.
We're going to see it this time.

** 2nd UPDATE **
Again a reply from the secretariat, even before friday !!
Next week an online meeting, we'll see what it brings us.


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      Houd ons op de hoogte / Keep us posted.
      Way to go.....

      Mar 3, 2021


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